‘I have downloaded the Nature series and play the tracks while I’m walking my dog.  I feel great when I get home.. all the stress in my back and neck is gone. Those binaural beats really seem to make a difference! I’m really glad I found your website’

Mrs B Kahn, London

‘I bought the Theta track to help me to get to sleep- Very pleased, so far great results for less than £5. You can’t put a price on feeling healthy and rested’

Connie Edgar, Hemel Hempstead

‘This site is amazing!  The first time I used the Theta Sleep track I was asleep in minutes. Tried the Water track too for de-stressing after work.  I just put my iPod on while I’m cooking dinner and away I go’

Mrs S Masterson, Bristol

‘I wasn’t sure about the binaural beats, or whether they’d work but wanted to tell you how much easier it is to get to sleep since I’ve been using the Sleep series.  I use my sleep pillow and now instead of lying there for hours I’m gone in a matter of minutes. Thankyou!’

Amy Beston, Letchworth

‘I have a very stressful job so when I get home I need to de-stress.  I’ve got the Earth Series, I like the Sun track best. I feel human after a bit of time with my earphones on’  

J Lawrence, London

‘This music is a godsend to me.  After years of insomnia I am finally getting to sleep much more easily and managing to switch my overactive mind off.  I was sceptical about the binaural beats at first but I think they make a difference to just playing music’

Jenny Mullen

‘I am a holistic therapist and find it hard to find nice music to play while I’m giving treatments.  I’ve been using the Earth series for a while, I like the Water track best.  It seems to get my clients nice and relaxed.  I’ll be back for more!’