Stress is the body and minds response to overwhelming conditions and changes. It can have a huge impact on our physical/emotional health and wellbeing causing symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship problems and many other issues which can seriously impact on our daily lives. 


A natural solution to reducing stress levels….. we all have our own ways of de-stressing; whether it be a warm bath, going for a run, or a chat with a friend.  All of these things can and do help and are can be very helpful; but it’s when the stress gets too much that it begins to affect our behaviour.  Leaving us drained, anxious and feeling that we can’t cope.

Music and binaural tones… calm and sooth the mind. At Archangel-music our aim is to bring support for stress relief and insomnia in an easily accessible and affordable way.  Our 30 minute MP3 sound tracks, which also come in a Series of 3 MP3 downloads, are simple to upload to your computer or portable device.  When played through headphones, the binaural beats which play throughout every track, instantly sooth and calm the mind.


Synchronised with our inspiring 

and relaxing music, the binaural beats are a simple way to de-stress at the end of a long day. The tracks can also be played through speakers but are most effective when listened to through headphones.  All of our music is also suitable for insomnia, meditation, relaxation and as therapy music

All of our music and meditation tracks will help you to de-stress but we recommend one of our Meditation series as the best way to calm the mind.  We have also chosen the music tracks below with their peaceful harmonies as especially stress-busting music. Simply click any of the images below to listen to a preview.