Meditation is the art of slowing down the busy mind so that thoughts shutterstock_43831972become infrequent. Thought, especially negative thinking, builds tension and anxiety in the mind and body. So when we slow our thought process, through meditation, it immediately brings relaxation and de-stresses our system.

Practice makes perfect…

It can take a lot of practice to get to this state of mind. Many Buddhist and Zen masters have taken years to perfect their art.  Some people find it very difficult to quieten the mind; they can be distracted by the very thoughts they are trying to ignore as well as by outside stimulants such as noise.  

Our 3 track Meditation Series, with binaural beats can help in two ways.  First the binaural naturally slows down the brain frequencies so they help us to slow down the busy thought process.  Secondly, the relaxing sounds you are listening to with earphones block out any annoying outside noises.

The Solution…..  our 30 minute MP3 tracks offer the perfect solution to those who are struggling to slip in to that state of blissful stillness.  Blocking outside stimulation and offering guided visualisation or a platform to practice traditional meditation; the binaural tones help to speed up the learning and practicing process so that even the novice can soon begin to feel the beneficial effects of meditation.shutterstock_133560164   

Our MP3 tracks are downloadable to any portable device so they can be used indoors or outdoors.  This makes them perfect to use for a meditation in nature, so that you can really connect with your surroundings.  You can use our Meditation Series, to help you practice your meditation. Or you might like to use one of our other single tracks such as Sun, for a shorter meditation.