shutterstock_129574436A binaural tone is effectively two different tones that are close together in frequency, which when played through headphones produces a third tone in the brain. 

Binaurals are perceived by the brain as low frequency pulsating tones.  These tones are called Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta waves.  Theta and Delta are most effective for relaxation and sleep.

Bespoke music, composed for you….

Our composer Marcus Dolan has created beautiful and relaxing music to complement the binaural tones.  Playing calming music is very effective to help with de-stressing and and reducing anxiety, but when combined with binaural tones, it becomes a powerful tool for transforming the mind and body into a peaceful state.

Calmer mind, calmer body…

Once the mind is calmer, the body relaxes too. Binaurals are used to shift the brain to a meditative stateListening to these tones is especially effective for those who struggle with quietening the mind. Meditation is about stilling the mind and letting go of the constant thinking function of the brain.  Brainwave Graph2
Because of the balancing effect of Binaurals it can also help to make learning and practicing meditation much easier. Different binaural frequencies help to bring different brain wave states. (See diagram)

BinauralBeats-1By using two different tones, the ‘third tone’ is produced by the brain and heard as a pulsating hum.

We add the binaural sounds to each track so that they don’t overpower the music or voice but work in the background to bring a relaxed brain state.