Marcus Dolan archangel musicOur MP3 music tracks are composed by our musician Marcus Dolan.  He has been a pianist, keyboard player and drummer for over 26 years,performing and composing many genres of music.

Bespoke music for you…

In collaboration with Archangel-music, Marcus has used his creative imagination to write bespoke tunes for each Series.  So for example, in the Sleep Series, he uses rocking melodies and in the Nature Series he wrote the tunes with the different elements in mind. As well as this he carefully chose each binaural tone to synchronise with his music and bring the optimum relaxation for the listener.

About Marcus …

As a composer in the field of TV and multimedia, he has undertaken commissions for top organisations such as the Discovery Channel and Channel 4.  His music has been featured as themes for archaeological programmes, driving shows, dramas and much more. He also uses his skills as an arranger and producer to write for and collaborate with other artists and songwriters in musical theatre and musical education.

Brainwave Graph2Binaural Beats…. relax the mind, help with Sleep and Meditation

The barely audible tones which are added to each of our specially composed tunes, are perceived by the brain as a third tone which regulates and calms the busy and overactive or anxious mind.

Marcus chooses the best binaural tone for each track depending on the main function. ie. for sleep the most relaxing is the Delta tone.