SLIDER ENHANCEDHow our MP3 tracks help to relax you …

Archangel-music was created for people who need help with insomnia and stress as well as self-help, meditation and healing.  We have our own writer and producer, so our music is specifically composed with the type of support or healing in mind that the track offers.  For instance our sleep tracks are a mixture of binaural beats and calming or rocking melodies.  And our Guided Meditation Series is full of soothing sounds and relaxing suggestions that will take you to that peaceful place in in a very short time.

Easy to download.. listen anywhere…

Every track lasts 20 – 30 minutes… all you need to do is set on repeat if you want a long play time.  Or you can download one of our Series which 3 times the play length for uninterrupted listening.

IPHOTO'D TARA 2Our MP3 tracks are easily downloadable and can be added to your playlists, phones, tablets and PC’s ready to listen to at any time and anywhere.  If you want some ‘me time’ that leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed, our music, healing and meditation tracks will help you to find that peaceful state.

Valerie, the owner of Archangel music says..

‘Archangel Music is designed to help and support people suffering with insomnia , stress and anxiety worldwide. Sound is an underused healing modality, which is extremely effective in reducing stress, insomnia, and in helping with meditation.   I have made the downloads as affordable as possible so that they are available to everyone.  

Music alone has healing properties but with the binaural beats take it to a different level. You may prefer to try the the guided meditation or healing sounds tracks which also contain the binaural tones . We try to offer a variety of downloads, so there should be something for everyone!  Many Blessings’ Valerie